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Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas, TX

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Terminal C – Explosive Device Inline Project

Contracted to design and install a hot redundant ControlLogix PLC Control System for multiple Zones at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Involving six pairs of hot redundant ControlLogix PLCs with approximately 7,000 discreet IO points for over 400 conveyors, the job was to integrate them into the existing Baggage Handling System (BHS). Additionally, a complete Graphic and Alarms Annunciation Package was added to the system. All existing overview screens and reports were updated to include the new in-line system.

Some of the Features Included in this Project:

  • Alarms and Clear Bag Lines for each Zone
  • Updated overview screens and reports to include the new system
  • Six pairs of hot redundant ControlLogix PLCs

Zone Integration

The Zones being integrated were C1 South – Zone 4, C1 North – Zone 5, and C2 – Zone 6. Each Zone contains a primary line, which also serves as a recirculation loop, as well as three in-line InVision CTX 9000 EDS machines. They also each contain their own alarm and clear bag lines. These Zones are integrated so as to avoid any down-time or back-up. Therefore, if screening within one Zone has to be shut down for any reason, bags can be transferred to the other Zone. They are also each independently controlled by their own primary and back-up PLC located in a single MCP, housing the IO modules.