Air Travels Busiest Season Ever?

Get the right Baggage Handling Systems

July 2019

The summer travel season is here. According to The Wall Street Journal, we are set to have one of the busiest air travel seasons ever. Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) play a crucial part in making sure everything runs smoothly.

At ControlTouch, we work to ensure the smoothest and most stress-free travel possible. Luggage has quite a journey to complete through multiple BHS checkpoints and processes. This extensive process needs to be as seamless as possible not only for the traveler but also for the airport staff. Our BHS is designed with all this in mind. So checkpoints don’t become chokepoints. Accountability, accuracy, and constant tracking follow bags every step of the way, minimizing loss and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our BHS is multi-platform capable, making it possible to interface it with existing platforms. This ensures easy maintenance and management while eliminating as many potential issues as possible.

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We design systems for airports that get baggage to passengers safely, accurately, and efficiently.

To read about how Delta has set itself up to handle the bump in business. View this article on the Wall Street Journal: Delta Gains From MAX Grounding and High Demand.